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WordPress is an excellent content management system and is important in digital marketing strategies today.

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Our management services at The Muses Digital can help your business use proven digital marketing strategies to produce quality content and promote the content through various platforms. Our management services can ensure your customized content will drive traffic and meet the needs of your target audience. Investing in a content management system can ensure your website is optimized for SEO and can improve rankings. Let our team help you implement a content marketing initiative and produce results to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Our team can help manage your website using WordPress, and ensure your site is built to work with mobile devices

WordPress Services

WordPress is the leading content management system. Our team will handle all of the customization features to meet your company’s goals. Our management services can incorporate key content or regularly scheduled blogs that can be a powerful tool for your business. The Muses Digital will support your vision, optimize for searches, and ensure your products or services are showcased properly on all platforms.


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What maintenance do WordPress sites need?

If you choose WordPress as your content management system for your website you should have a maintenance plan. It is easy to use, but also requires maintenance to keep your website stable, performing well, and secure. Keeping your WordPress website free of viruses or hacking is important, and keeping your site up to date and current can avoid this problem.


Maintaining your WordPress site can keep your user experience positive and make sure everything runs smoothly and is compatible. Regular testing and analysis can ensure that a website is always running perfectly, and you do not affect your customer’s user experience.

Another maintenance item is keeping up on routine server patches or software upgrades.


Using a maintenance expert can ensure adjustments or changes are made easily without compromising your website’s performance. It is never a good idea to wait until you have a problem to start maintaining your WordPress site. Regular maintenance and monitoring can help your business stay competitive, and provide a proactive plan to keep a website working properly.

What is included in WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance includes regular updates and testing after each update. Other services include handling errors and security threats to keep your site secure. Host maintenance is another important part of WordPress to ensure firewalls or certificates are properly configured and maintained. Optimizing website performance is a large part of WordPress maintenance and can keep your user experience positive. Creating a plan that is proactive with dedicated maintenance resources can help you avoid problems, and can address any issues quickly.

Does WordPress have good support?

WordPress has a customer support team to assist in any maintenance questions. If you are having trouble with your site, WordPress support offers a complimentary evaluation. The support line is toll-free and is available with multiple menu options for customers to choose from. By selecting number 2 you will be directed to the support department.


Another WordPress support service is one-on-one concierge support where you can discuss your questions with their Happiness Engineers. They provide free support to all customers that have a paid plan, and offer various forums or documentation that can be viewed on their site.

How much does it cost to maintain a WordPress website?

Ongoing WordPress website maintenance is typically charged monthly and can average between $50-$200 per month. Website maintenance has many benefits and is typically recommended to stay proactive and keep your site healthy. Maintenance packages can be customized to work with each company’s budget and can include other maintenance services such as hosting or email. Choosing a quality agency that can provide WordPress maintenance is worth the investment and can avoid security problems or performance issues, and can keep your website performing well.

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